Cirugía prostática por láser, tipos, ventajas y complicaciones.

Cirugía prostática por láser, tipos, ventajas y complicaciones.

- January 11, 2016

Existen varios tipos de cirugía prostática por láser, siendo los más conocidos el láser verde, el láser de tulio y el láser holmium.

La cirugía prostática por láser proporciona al paciente numerosas ventajas asociadas con la recuperación y la minimización de las complicaciones. A pesar de que son mínimas, también existen algunas posibles complicaciones en las cirugías prostáticas por láser y las explicamos en este Blog.

La cirugía prostática por láser

Se requiere cuando un paciente sufre problemas de micción asociados a un crecimiento benigno de la próstata que obstruye la uretra (conducto que une la vejiga con el exterior), lo que puede provocar molestias que van desde la dificultad para vaciar la vejiga por completo hasta la necesidad de llevar un sondaje permanente.

If you are looking to buy one of the best Littmann stethoscopes around and are willing to pay for great build, ergonomic design, excellent acoustics, and, most importantly, the more-than-handy option of listening to both high and low frequency sounds clearly, 3M™ Littmann® Master Cardiology™ is the stethoscope you should get. It strikes the right balance between cost and benefits for essentially any clinician.

Master Classic II Stethoscope

At a price just above $200, buying the Master Cardiology™ is definitely an investment in your healthcare profession. But what you get in return is a solid, high quality stethoscope that delivers impressively clear, detailed sounds at different frequency ranges by just adjusting the pressure on the chest piece thanks.

My mother had introduced me to a lot of my father’s friends because she believed that I would get to know the guy my dad was better through his friends than just in the hospital visits.

Next on the list is the famous Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope which also features the advanced tunable diaphragm technology. This technology is great to have, in particular, because it basically allows you to get a quick and complete sonic image of a location without having to futz around with the stethoscope. The chest piece is made of fine-grade materials that hold up to chemicals, impacts and scratches that come with daily use. The ear tips are quite soft and fit snugly thus filtering out noise- the whoosh of heating and air conditioning systems, sounds of medical monitors and human noise. Oh yeah, it’s a loud, loud world.

Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200

The Littman Lightweight II S.E stethoscope, as its name indicates, has a lightweight yet durable design and features a one-of-its-kind double sided chest piece, which is actually ovoid in shape. Thanks to such an innovative design, it allows better movement around body contours and blood pressure cuffs, making it perfect for listening to a range of sounds including blood pressure, heart, lung, chest, bowel.

  1. Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200
  2. Master Classic II Stethoscope
  3. Modern Stethoscopes A3X

It is pretty cheap compared to other Littman models but delivers excellent acoustic response so you can discern different lung and heart sounds easily. And, the noise attenuation is right on the money so you can be sure that you will hear only what you want to hear.

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